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Sales and accounts

Look on us as your new regional office that has a unique skillset. As your eyes and ears, we will be responsible for expanding and selling your product, taking charge of everything and ensuring you are optimally represented. We will maintain third-party relations and monitor future opportunities.

Whether it involves wholesale suppliers, OTAs, bed banks, travel agencies or any other hospitality and travel service you can think of within the European market, we can negotiate contracts and take care of daily deliverables and follow-ups.

Sales and marketing plans

Looking for someone to assist in setting up your annual marketing and sales programmes? We would be delighted to help you solidify your goals and optimise your strategy. Represent International always delivers the best results. As renowned experts in our field, we will work ceaselessly to realise your business ambitions. Expect honest professionalism and prepare for lucrative growth.


Brainstorm like a boss with us as your business partner. We will help you keep track of the rapidly changing market, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and achieve your goals. We offer fresh insights and opportunities from our expert perspective, opening unforeseen pathways to success.


Expect our full and undivided attention and count on our creative force — right from the start. Our path to securing your position and finding the best sales and communication channels is defined by your goals and queries. With our expertise, your message will strike a powerful chord in the hearts and minds of the target audience. Our extensive network will provide new synergetic partnerships, allowing your business to thrive.


Our sales training programmes will take your employees to the next level. Thanks to our extensive experience in the travel industry, we know what it takes to turn salary stiffs into service stars. Get rid of old habits and change the way your people think of customer satisfaction. Witness the change from the very first session.


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We are also available for:

  • Ad interim consultancy
  • Tailor-made training programmes, online and offline
  • Business planning

An event is an effective way to inform a target group about your offer. To get the most out of an event, it is necessary to dare to think outside the box. With passion and pleasure we organize and host your workshop, fair, sales blitz, fam trip or product presentation, both for B2B and B2C.

Interested to collaborate?

What professionals says about Daniële Felix:

“Ik ken ondertussen Daniële zowel zakelijk als privé en tussen deze twee werelden zit geen verschil in. Echtheid, hartelijkheid en daadkracht zijn de kernwoorden die bij haar passen. Daniële luistert goed en kan hierdoor de behoefte haarfijn achterhalen.  De mooie combinatie van sales, doortastendheid, mens-mens en niet te vergeten humor maken haar tot een fijn persoon om mee samen te werken!”

Karien Ravelli, Creative Busyasabee

Daniële knows how to stand her ground, she is very thorough, and she feels perfectly when decisive action is required. She understands cultural differences between people. So, if you want things to get done, just hire Daniële 😊.

Erik Schuffel, Managing Director & Founder Dorelan B.V.