If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Represent International introduces the ‘I Love Sales Academy’. Our goal is to offer every travel trade professional the opportunity to properly understand sales and develop genuine passion for achieving results.

Contact Centre Agents

You might be wondering whether the I Love Sales Academy is the right way to train your staff. Continue reading. It probably is. The I Love Sales Academy is designed to give employees the right tools to help your business move forward. Go from staff who just show up to service heroes you want to show off. Our training programmes will effect tangible change within your organisation, making our courses the perfect investment for better business. Expect sales to skyrocket and employee satisfaction to soar. Let your people be empowered by the difference they can make. Based on the insights we provide, you can create a sustainable future for your business

– The Basics

This training course will help your employees understand the opportunities customer satisfaction offers. They will become more aware of the ways in which their actions impact your business. We sow the seeds for a new mindset, laying the foundation for service that sells.

Explore your staff’s hidden talents and grant them the opportunity to grow. The course covers the basics. Real-world scenarios are provided and situations are acted out through role-play assignments. Participants are encouraged to look in the mirror and become aware of their blind spots. Fun moments that are both challenging and inspiring, helping staff to develop and learn.

– Tailormade

Our years of experience in the travel industry afford us unique insights into the challenges and opportunities every organisation faces. Are you looking to properly respond to your team’s needs? We can create the ideal training programme, completely tailored to your business goals.

Warning. This programme is only for organisations ready for intensive collaboration. All parties must be prepared to follow the goals set beforehand. After a tailor-made I Love Sales training course, your staff will be able to:

  • make the most out of each customer contact
  • actively listen to the customer’s needs
  • build rapport with the customer and gain trust
  • ask the hard questions no one dares to ask for fear of the answers
  • acquire a proactive, solution-based mindset and offer suggestions
  • take and maintain control in conversations
  • become a tried and true conversational partner for any customer
  • transform complaints into compliments and opportunities.

– Advanced

Even the most experienced among us can still learn and grow. We offer training that will allow your staff to go the extra mile and achieve the best results.

We will take a close look at how your employees are working and how they could be working better. If you thought things were going fine, be prepared for a dynamic and unprecedented improvement.

This next-level training programme prepares your employees to lead by example and inspire by action, ensuring everyone gets excited by sales.

– Reality check

Consolidation is a key part of our training. This course will cement the skills your employees acquired during the previous courses, reinforcing what has been learnt and boosting the long-term effects. In short, get ready for a reality check.

Over a six-month period, we will set up weekly online group meetings to further stimulate and challenge your staff, reflecting on the goals established at the beginning. Where are we now? Where do we want to be? What do we need to get there?

We designed the Reality Check assignments to trigger your employees to take ownership of the expertise gained, solidifying it as part of their behaviour. One-to-one meetings are available as an added option.

Independent Travel Consultants

– Bootcamp

Not everyone is born with a passion for sales. The good news is that techniques and strategies exist for everyone. It can mean the difference between turning a profit and making a loss: successful sales constitute the foundation for future success.

During the two-day I Love Sales Bootcamp, you will acquire fundamental tools required to get a grip on your sales. We will focus on your current issues and help you overcome challenges. Our tailored assignments will assist you and your fellow participants in learning how to boost service and step out of your comfort zone.

Get ready to embark on a journey and arrive at a sales strategy that is just right for your business. You will not only gain new confidence but also discover opportunities you never even knew were there for the taking.

The I Love Sales Bootcamp will teach you how to:

  • clearly define your prospective customer
  • build rapport with your customer through conversation
  • delight in a well-prepared sales process and interaction
  • offer your product with confidence
  • remain true to yourself in sales
  • have the guts to say your product is great
  • opt for visibility to help reach your customers
  • invest and take calculated risks

Update: The bootcamp is popular but availability is limited. Sign up today!

– Expert programme

Mark this day as the start of your successful business transformation.

The Expert Programme will result in your sales skyrocketing. An intensive three-month, peer-based programme with a unique intensity and purpose. By the end, you will not just rock at sales, you will come to love it.

Our weekly calls will trigger you to kickstart your sales. Eventually, the learned behaviour will feel natural. A challenging programme, not for the faint hearted. You will be invited to think differently, reflect intensively, step out of your comfort zone and focus on your personal and entrepreneurial growth.

The expert plan:

  • Weekly 60-minute group coach calls
  • Two onsite training days
  • Access to an online community for discussion and answers to all your questions
  • A new group kicks off every three months.

The programme is popular but availability is limited. Sign up today!

The I Love Sales Expert Programme will teach you to:

  • set measurable goals, process these goals in your business plan and convert them into concrete quick wins and actions
  • trust your expertise and experience and use these attributes in your sales communication
  • deal with mental blocks and uncertainties concerning your offer
  • eliminate fear from every future sales conversation, every future presentation, webinar and negotiation
  • recognise your customer’s language and translate it into your own communication
  • use every channel at your disposal to convey your message and ensure your customer is left with an offer they will not want to refuse
  • turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes, please!’
  • how to get a zero-cost sales team work for you
Ready to get your sales done?

What professionals says about Daniële Felix:

“I Love Sales is waar Daniële voor staat, ze ademt dit letterlijk uit. Mij is geleerd om alleen van de beste te leren, daarom ben ik bij haar uitgekomen via mijn vertrouwd netwerk. Direct na het gratis weekprogramma heb ik haar jaar traject aangeschaft. De reden is simpel: meer sales en inzicht in slechts 1 week! Naast de bak met ervaring en resultaat die zij heeft in sales (trackrecord, daar draai het om) is Daniële een fijn persoon om van te leren. Op haar eigen manier weet zij je zelf het inzicht te verschaffen, waar zij een eerlijk antwoord en mening zal geven. Geen doekjes erom heen winden.”

Boy Van den Ende, Project Leider Pro Rail & Event & Lifestyle Fotograaf

“Wat een vakvrouw die Daniële Felix. Met veel plezier meegedaan aan haar I Love Sales Business Bootcamp. Je krijgt van haar een werkboek, live coaching en pittige opdrachten die je uit je comfort zone brengen. Ze is erg betrokken, denkt mee en geeft je inzichten waar je direct mee aan de slag kan. Met humor en op een assertieve prettige manier geeft ze je feedback en tips. I Love it. Ik heb er onwijs veel van geleerd. Moeiteloos sales leren toepassen? Go to Daniële.”

Emmy Hop, Communication Advisor & Yoga Teacher

“Bij het idee aan sales kreeg ik altijd een soort van allergische reactie. Pffff irritante asten, opdringerig, you get the picture.

Ik heb lang gedacht dat ik een sales ei ben maar dankzij de ondersteuning van Daniële weet ik inmiddels beter. Heb ik geleerd dat het daar helemaal niks mee te maken heeft. Daniële is een kei in het begeleiden van mensen zoals ik. Die heel erg gewend zijn om alles te geven. Het lastig vinden om te ontvangen. Dat ziet ze haarscherp. Ze is in staat de pijn bloot te leggen op een zachte manier en de angel eruit halen als het om sales gaat. Ze weet het zo te brengen dat je niet maar aan sales denkt, überhaupt. Het is wat je doet en wat je kunt. Dat jij daar geld mee verdient hoort daar gewoon bij. Ik heb echt geleerd dat het een balans is van geven en ontvangen. Dat hoort zo. Anders klopt het niet. Ook dat onbewuste overtuigingen en processen bepalend zijn voor je succes. Ik ben super blij met Daniële. Een sales tijger. Maar dan op een zachte liefdevolle manier. Ik kan het niet anders omschrijven sorry. Ze is er echt voor je, is flexibel en heeft echt mega veel ervaring die je overal in terug ziet en voelt. She knows the game. And knows how to play it. It is a game. To show yourself the value you have. The gold in you. Dat legt ze supermooi bloot. Zodat je dat zelf ook gaat zien en gewoon gaat doen. Gaat verkopen zonder dat het zo aanvoelt.”

Floor Van Lier, HSP Trainer, Coach & Auteur